Terms & Conditions

1. Payment Terms

  • We accept Card and cash payments.
  • We don't accept cheque payments
  • We do not accept credit/debit card payments for less than £5.00
  • All invoices must be paid on collection of garments or as otherwise directed by us and we reserve the right to retain your goods until payment in full is received.
  • We reserve the right to suspend servicing you if old orders remain unpaid
  • We reserve the right to change all quoted prices, and these are subject to change without notice.

2. Collection of Garments

Items not collected within 1 month from the date of deposit will be donated to charity. We will make every effort to contact before this deadline arrives. We will not be held liable for any loss that you may suffer in such an event.

3. Right to Refuse

Jamiesons Dry Cleaners reserve the right to refuse our service to any customer.

4. Pricing

Jamiesons Dry Cleaners reserves the right to change prices at any time and is not responsible for errors on the website related to pricing.

5. Personal Items

It is customer's responsibility to check all their garments for money, jewellery or others valuables before bringing it to us. We will not be responsible for any personal lost items. If we find any valuables in your garments; we will return it to you.

6. Care for Garments

All cleaning will be carried out in accordance of the care instructions on your items. Upon an item being deposited without a care label, we will do our best to advise you of the best way to process your item and any risk that may be involved. If you still wish to proceed with the cleaning of your item you will be required to sign your ticket giving us permission to go ahead with the process agreed. In the event that the item is damaged in any way, we will not accept responsibility.

We accept no liability for garments that have missing or removed Care Labels.

We check garments for any damage that could be exacerbated by the laundering/dry-cleaning process. If we have any concerns regarding a garment, we will make an attempt to contact you and obtain your approval to tailor the garment ahead of cleaning it. If we are unable to gain your approval, we shall refrain from cleaning the garment in question. Likewise, if we have any concern about the colourfastness, age, or condition of the garment, we will contact you in a similar fashion to obtain your approval, or return the garment to you untreated.

7. Safe Cleaning Guarantee

We offer a safe cleaning guarantee. This means we will process every garment we accept safely. This does not mean we will remove every stain from every garment. If it is our professional opinion that stain removal will be unsafe, or will compromise our safe cleaning guarantee, stain removal efforts will cease.

8. Silk Dresses and Garments

If your dress / garment is made of silk and is being cleaned for the first time, you should be aware that even when using the most delicate dry cleaning techniques, there is a very remote possibility of very slight texture, or size changes to the silk.

9. Wedding Dress Service

All wedding dresses will be inspected at the counter and any possible cleaning problems will be pointed out at this time. We will only process wedding dresses in accordance with their care label. While we will aim to get your dress back to its original condition this is not always possible due to the types of material or staining on them. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage to or caused by the beading/embellishments on the dress. Should we recommend the removal of beads or other decorations on the dress this will incur an extra cost to yourself. We cannot be held responsible for any delay in cleaning of your wedding dress as your dress may have to be stain treated and processed multiple times.

10. Curtain Cleaning service

Many types of curtains tend to shrink but this shrinkage is not much. This shrinkage is due to atmospheric conditions, humidity, temperature and exposure to sunlight. Material manufacturers are required to ensure that fabric shrinkage will not exceed 3 % and any allowance to this degree should be made when making up the curtains. Yellow marks due to humidity and condensation are very hard to remove and in many cases not possible and so are with sofa coves and cushion covers. So, we will not be responsible for these kinds of stains.

There is an element of risk when curtains are cleaned. We cannot accept responsibility for sun damage to the colour or to the linings. If the linings are sun damaged too badly this can cause the linings to fall apart during the process. If you have blackout or thermal linings these can deteriorate or melt during the process. Water damage to the curtains or linings is unlikely to come out. If you have asked us to take down and rehang your curtains for you, we expect the area around the windows to be clear. We will not be held responsible for any damage incurred.

If you have asked us to take down and rehang your curtains for you, we expect the area around the windows to be clear. We will not be held responsible for any damage incurred.

11. Suede and Leather

Suede & leather garments are examples of materials that have inherent weaknesses or defects in the material. They are subject to natural flaws. We cannot take responsibility for colour imbalance or change. Unlike fabrics, all skin garments will age after cleaning.

We occasionally work with a third party company where all such items are sent out for specialist cleaning. We do not assume responsibility for any damage to suede or leather items and issues can be taken up directly with the third party company (details can be provided should an issue arise).

12. Alteration Repairs and Tailoring

We work with a third party business where all items accepted for repair or alteration are sent out for specialist treatment. We do not assume responsibility for any damage to repair or alteration items and issues can be taken up directly with the third party business (details can be provided should an issue arise). All repairs are carried out according to the instructions that you give us. You will be required to sign confirming the instructions given by yourself. We do not take any responsibility if these instructions are wrong. The cost will be confirmed before the work is carried out.

13. Trimmings - buttons, beads, belts etc.

Although we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to beads, crystals, sequins, buttons, diamante's, pearls, buckles etc., due to their inherent unsuitability for dry cleaning, we have unrivalled skill and experience in identifying the most appropriate cleaning methods for each specific piece having examined it's decorative components.

This is a design issue rather than a cleaning one - we have to rely to a certain extent on the fact that the dressmaker / manufacturer has attached the beads adequately and has used beads which are suitable for dry cleaning - although we will of course do our best to check and test the components before cleaning. All such items are cleaned at the owner's risk, as Jamiesons Dry Cleaners, cleaners will not take responsibility under any circumstances.

14. Stain Removal

Much as we would dearly love to guarantee to our customers the removal of every mark and stain from every type of material, we are unfortunately unable to do so. We advise that should you know the stain content, this should be pointed out to our counter staff when depositing your item.

The chances of stain removal are reduced if any non-professional techniques have been applied such as the use of water or soda. We treat problematic stains with great caution but sometimes to achieve results we need to use harsher techniques and chemicals. Should the need arise we will contact you before going ahead as certain stain removals can only be done at the customers own risk. We may not be able to guarantee the results. Delicate materials can be easily damaged by irresponsible over - treatment with inappropriate agents.

These items will be looked over and if necessary dealt with by the owners themselves over our most experienced staff, applying the best methods and safest options. We will use our experience to recognise when to stop before causing damage to the garment. Should we decide that there should be no further treatment; a "Stain Ticket" will be attached to advise you of this. Should you wish further treatment after this advice, although we will be happy to assist, this will be at your own risk. What we can guarantee our customers is that we will always strive to achieve the best possible results (in many cases this will indeed be a completely clean and rejuvenated garment) without risking damage to the delicate materials.

15. Collection and Delivery

We offer a £5 collection and delivery to the local Hexham area. Times and dates are only estimates and do not form a contract as work volume and breakdown could delay collection and delivery sometime only.

16. Damage of Garments

In the unlikely event of damage please inform us within 48 hours of receiving your garments. If needed we will pick up your garment, investigate and contact you within 24 hours.

Count discrepancies must be reported within 48 hours of picking up of your garments so that we may investigate the matter. After that we will not assume any responsibility for damaged or missing items. We are not responsible for any loss or damage after delivery to your doorman, concierge or other authorised person. We will investigate any complaint promptly and pay fair compensation for damage or loss due to our negligence.

In the event of damage if we determine we are responsible then we will replace the item or offer a service credit agreed by both parties. If it is unclear who is responsible for the damage then we will arrange for an independent analysis by a fabric care research laboratory http://www.satra.co.uk. Restitution will be made based upon the lab's report. Should a report from the independent tester suggest in any way shape or form that the damage caused is due to our cleaning processes, we will compensate you. This should not exceed ten times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or conditions.

17. Loss of Garments

We exercise utmost care in processing garments received to avoid misplacement or loss of items. However, there will be instances where items may get misplaced or lost. As such, we ask that you advise us of any discrepancy within 48 hours of picking up your garments so that we may investigate the matter and make a determination.

Re-imbursement for all lost items is subject to the presentation of proof (in the form of a till receipt or otherwise) to establish the proper value of the garment(s). Customers who cannot present suitable proof are requested to provide reasonable estimates of the value of the lost garment(s), which may be accepted at our discretion. Should neither sufficient proof nor reasonable estimates of the value of lost garment(s) be provided, our liability with respect to any lost garment(s) shall not exceed ten times our charge for cleaning that garment. No claims for lost items will be recognised unless you advise us of the same within forty eight (48) hours of collecting the garments.

18. Claims Policy

Liability for any reason (including, but not limited to, lost or damaged items) is limited to the lesser of 10 times the cleaning cost or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the International Fair Claims Guide. (This can be located at drycleaningcomplaints.com)

We will not be liable for any item(s) not collected more than 90 days after dropping-off such item(s) with us.

  • Any claim settled by us will be on condition that it is accepted by you as full and final settlement
  • We will not be liable for any damage which is not related to or caused by the cleaning process
  • We will not be liable for any claim which is excluded under the General Exclusions paragraph above or if you haven't followed the process for making a claim under the Customer Service paragraph above
  • We follow the Textile Service Association (TSA) industry guidelines for fair compensation. From these guidelines we would potentially compensate you once liability is proven by us, only once the age, original value and proof of purchase from you is clearly established. We do not replace old for new and therefore need to establish the age, state and condition of the item(s) prior to any compensation being paid out. We will apply a depreciated value to the item(s) as set out by the TSA guidelines.
  • If there is doubt as to the cause of damage to any item then an independent third party will be appointed by Jamiesons Dry Cleaners - http://www.satra.co.uk. The result of such analysis will be final and will form the basis for any compensation due. The costs of any such analysis shall be paid for by the party which the fabric care research laboratory determines is liable.

19. Complaints

If you are not happy with the quality of our cleaning or repairs, please contact us within 48 hours of picking your items up. We aim to have all complaints dealt with within 48 hours where possible.

20. General Exclusions

Sorry but we cannot be liable for:

(a) Any item which suffers colour loss / shrinkage/ damage, during the cleaning process, whereby the manufacturer's care label instructions have been adhered to

(b) Any feather / down filled item

(c) Any accessory attached to or contained within any item. An "accessory" means (but is not limited to) belts, buckles, buttons, broaches, beading, painted logos, leather trims, furs, signs, zips, hoods, collars and inner linings.

(d) Any item which is damaged by any accessory on that item

(e) Any ink marks left behind by our poly-marking label system

(f) In the event that any garment / item is lost / damaged by us and is part of a set E.G. two piece suit / furnishings / curtains / upholstery / laundry, We will only compensate for that lost / damaged item that is documented on the customers ticket. We will not compensate for retrospective value of set loss / damage.

(g) Any item that does not show cleaning instructions

(h) Any item that has deliberate crinkles or creased effects on the fabric which are removed during our cleaning process

(i) Any item with faulty adhesives or interfacing which leave a mark after cleaning

(j) Any item which, due to wear and tear or due to its integral nature, is unable to withstand an industrial laundered or dry-cleaned process

(k) Curtains, blinds (venetian, roman) – For the avoidance of doubt we are not responsible for the following :

  • Glued-on trims – many adhesives will not withstand the solvents used in cleaning, especially if affected by exposure to light or if more than one year old
  • Tassels – these may have been weakened by the effects of light
  • Tie-backs – many of these are not designed to be dry-cleaned. Some are stiffened with plastic liners and often glued during make-up for ease of manufacture
  • Weights in the bottoms of curtains – these can be small, round, lead weights or chains that can do untold damage during cleaning as they are smashed against the cage sides during the tumbling action. Customer must remove if possible
  • Swags and tails – these are often cut on the cross (bias) to aid the drape. They can be pulled out of shape during cleaning.
  • Silver and gold painted designs – most pigments only adhere lightly to the surface of the fabric and can be lost during cleaning. Some may survive the first or second clean, but loss can be progressive over each clean, depending on the amount of mechanical action they are subjected to. Please be aware we are not responsible for this loss
  • Flocked velvet may change in nature and become hardened
  • Watermarks contained within the fabric – May not be possible to be removed during cleaning
  • Old or Poor Stitching – May loosen during cleaning
  • Weakened Fabric as a result of ultra violet light exposure – May only be noticeable after they are taken down. Weak fabric may be damaged during cleaning
  • Shrinkage – In the cleaning process may be up to 3-5%. Stretching post-cleaning may restore some of this length, but they may relax over time.

(l) Household items (duvets, bedspreads, upholstery covers), leather and suede items

Please note that adhesives, defects and faults which were previously camouflaged in manufacture may become more apparent after the cleaning process, and although every care is taken, we cannot always disguise natural flaws or totally remove adhesives, or stretching techniques employed by the manufacturer. These items may "age" after cleaning. All items are therefore only accepted by us for cleaning at your own risk.

21. Vouchers and Offers

All vouchers and offers, whether displayed on the website, advertisement, leaflet or any other means, have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged fully or partly for cash. They can only be redeemed as part or full payment on an order.

Vouchers are for the items specified only, and not exchangeable or transferable for other items or orders.

All offers and vouchers terminate at the end of the calendar year of issue, unless otherwise stated.

22. Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading our Terms & Conditions.

We hope you enjoy using Jamiesons Dry Cleaners.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions without notice.

These Terms & Conditions do not affect your legal rights.

We value our customers' privacy policy. We do not sell, rent or loan any identifiable information (name, address, telephone or mobile number and e-mail) regarding customers to any third party. We may contact our customers time to time if absolutely necessary.


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