Dry Cleaning


Booking in garments and items

From the moment you enter our premises you should feel at ease, confident in the knowledge that your garments are safe in our hands. Our experienced staff will inspect your garments at the counter, noting stains, damage, wear and overall condition of your items. Trained to Guild of Cleaners and launders standards our skilled staff are experienced in determining fabric types, origin of stains, problem garments and best cleaning methods to achieve he best results.

Some garments are best suited to dry cleaning, some to wet cleaning, this is determined primarily by type of fabric, then staining and the potential for damage through the cleaning process.

In some cases, if we feel cleaning a garment is too risky, or the fabric could be damaged we will discuss these concerns with you and may reluctantly decline to clean the item. Please do not be offended if our staff ask questions relating to stains on your garments – we simply want to ensure your garment is returned in pristine condition ready for its next wear. Each Garment is recorded on our booking system, tagged individually and stored awaiting the next step of the process.

Stain removal

No cleaning process will completely remove all stains – some human intervention is required. During booking in our staff will identify stains and determine the best cleaning method. Stain removal is where experience is paramount. We use a careful combination of chemicals, tools and years of knowledge to carefully remove stains and the build-up of grime that other cleaners have failed to remove. We notice and treat the white wine stain on your white dress, that one you haven't noticed but when heated during the drying process in the dry cleaning machine will caramelise and leave a brownish stain. It's the steps that we take to inspect your items and deal with the stains appropriately that make us one of the best dry cleaners in the North East of England.


At our disposal are State of the art garment finishing and tensioning equipment however these machines simply aid our operatives in achieving the perfect finish to your garment. We rely on proper training, years of experience and a keen eye to produce the results we achieve. There's nothing like a sharp crease on a pair of trousers and only a commercial trouser press can do this. The tensioning jacket former we have is great at removing creases but it wont finish a jacket like a trained operative with a traditional steam iron. Our ethos is 'your only as good as your last suit' and we stake our reputation on traditional quality of service, finished garment and a satisfied customer.


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